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Sample Video Lesons

Time-Keeping - Series

Downbeats & Subdivisions

Foot Technique - Series

"Double Stroke" Rolls

Hand Techniques - Series

Finger Control

Hand Techniques - Series

Combinations & Rudiments

How to Create Pulse & Feel - Series

Static Note Flows

Develop Time-Keeping - Series

Line-Up Exercises

Don't Take Our Word For It

Russ is a extremely serious and versatile musician!”


Lenny Kravitz
Bobby Brown/New Edition

Russ is extremely precise and never labored, with enormous technical skills and a great feel.

Rich Marotta

James Taylor, Carly Simon, Steely Dan

He's so musical and he makes music on the drums.

Wolfgang Haffner

Metro, Solo Artist

Russ' playing is really solid, playing with him is like sitting in a big couch!, its a big groove with a big sound.

Luis Conte

Madonna, James Taylor & Legendary Percussionist

Russ has serious control of everything he is doing, dynamics and the tone of the drums.  He is seriously fluidity on the instrument!”

Johnny Rabb

Collective Soul, Diodesel

Russ is a deceptively good musician.  He makes it all look so easy, so much so, I sometimes I take it for granted.  His time is incredibly solid and he just makes everything look effortless.  Then I listen back and think that is awesome!

George Shelby

Amercian Idol, The Voice

Russ’ playing is very steeped in tradition but developed into the current styles as well.  He's a great orchestrator and very ware of tones on the kit.  Also, a tremendous studio musician.

Jerry Watts

Sergio Mendes, Arrival, Dori Caymmi

Russ adds a special element to my music.  I know it’s “up for grabs” when he is playing.  He seems to find moments in the music that I didn’t think of.  It always makes the compositions go to a new level.

Rick Krive

Gloria Estefan, Arrival

Russ has Intense precision of time and serious technical ability.

Pete Lockett

Peter Gabriel, Superstar Percussion solo Artist

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